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Every event is truly unique; therefore, every event’s food should be truly unique.

Our menus are designed around our clients and that design starts with getting to know our clients. What foods they enjoy, where they like to eat and what food experiences have been the most memorable for them are the sort of things that inform us. It is from there we start to draw on what each season offers, how that will reflect on the style of menu, and the story our clients want to tell in the food we serve for their guests.


Our menu philosophy is broken down into what is readily available for each season

SUMMER – The summer months are filled with fresh fruits, leafy greens and seasonal sustainable seafood supplies. During summer we focus on lighter dishes, less land-based animal protein and few to no grains.

AUTUMN – As we see summer wane and the Autumn arrive, we start to embrace more rooted vegetables such as turnips, swedes, witlof as well as tree nuts, aged cheeses, ethically hunted or farmed game, artichokes and okra. Fresh figs begin along with mandarins, persimmons and tamarillos.

WINTER – The fall of the colder months begin to arrive, and, as Winter takes hold, our menus focus shifts once more. beets, squash, root vegetables and the brassicas family of Brussels, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, celeriac, broad beans, and winter fruits such as tangelo, quince & cumquats. These in turn will accompany our proteins. House pickles and ferments then also serve aside next to curds and slower food, all given place before the coming of Spring.

SPRING – As the chilled temperatures depart and the warmer promise of summer approaches, Christmas holidays filled with stone fruits brighten our thoughts. Spring peas fill the benches, shoots of every kind, asparagus, loquats, radishes and tendrils, swiss chard and more leaves combine with spring lamb,  eastern rock lobster, marron and Murray cod.

Each season’s menu begins with canapes and appetisers which are grouped together and can be served as canape or entree. Our philosophy here is to focus on simple, attentive and defined flavours. Three to four ingredients served with as little fuss as possible, each ingredient there in its own personality of flavour and texture. Our seafood, and land-based proteins are all what we know as sustainable supply. The dishes describe seasonal pairing’s examples for each.



Our seasonal approach to our menus is about understanding the importance of sustainability.
What is plentifully available to us in local supply is at the cornerstone of our ethos on supporting more sustainable food systems.

This not only keeps business local, farmers and supply chains working together in a community, but those systems also work in harmony with our philosophy on food miles and those miles impact on our environment.

Ways in which we strive to deliver our food and its service in a more consciously sustainable practice is employing a sustainable methodology in the ways we work.


  • We support local farmers, suppliers and food business as much as possible.
  • We are the only catering ambassadors to “Good Fish Project” and adhere to the AMCF Good Fish Guide for buying and using sustainable seafood.
  • We look minimise our wastage by utilising as much of each ingredient as possible
  • All compostable food waste is separated and given to local farmers as livestock food or for use as compost
  • Reducing as much plastic and packaging that can’t be recycled, or aren’t made using sustainable practices or from sustainable sources


December 1st – February 28th

yellow grape tomato w fennel and almond/ katafi wrapped mooloolaba prawn, mango, macadamia and lime/ cobia green papaya ceviche, betel leaf and ginger/ campari, passionfruit and rockmelon explosion / eastern rock lobster bahn mi/ peach, fennel seed and jamon/ Sydney rocks, macadamia milk and sea plants/ summer tomato and parmesan/

tomato w shiso, onion and fennel/ summer corn w thyme, creamed corn, pickled clams, and tagetes/ raw and pickled apple w potato foam, radish, lemon, celery, smoked cod cream and charred tomatillo/ strawberries w tarragon, churned cream and buttermilk/ peach w lavender and buttermilk mascarpone/ mango w saffron, frozen ginger and almond/ figs w burnt butter, vacherin of lavender ice cream and milk biscuit/ white nectarine w champagne and rose chiboust, caramelised puff pastry and yoghurt granita/

blue swimmer crab, almond, grapefruit and marigold/ cobia w blood plum and spiced tomato water/ tomato consommé w spanner crab and trout roe/ sake cured prawn w grapefruit, beach sorrel and tomatillo/ scallop w corn, konbu, mushroom, daikon and mitsuba/  murray cod w vichyssoise, toasted leek and coastal sorrels/

kangaroo w cherries, horseradish, bronzed fennel and fennel pollen/ pan-fried sweetbreads w roasted romaine lettuce, brown butter emulsion and toasted rye crumbs/ venison tartar w beetroot, blackberries, aromatic seeds and herbs/ lamb sausage  w kumquat, celtuce and shiso


March 1st – May 31st

blue swimmer crab walnut w bush lemon and apple/ mud crab doughnut w chipotle and lime/ pickled onion shell, rabbit rillette, radish and quandong/ crumbed oyster and brioche slider w caviar mayonnaise/ spanish mackerel, ice plant, meyer lemon and osteria caviar/ breakfast radishes w bottarga and whey cream/

pumpkin and egg w toasted seeds, chevre and jamon/ mozzarella gnocchi w ilberico bouillon, endive, fennel pollen and shiso/  mascarpone seasoned with bottarga and whey, shaved hazelnuts, pine mushrooms and pine-leaf oil/ goat milk w variations of rhubarb, strawberries and frozen mascarpone/ poached pear w vanilla bean, brioche bread pudding, pear williams and white chocolate/

borrowdale pork loin, parsnip, spent coffee and wild mushrooms/ blue swimmer crab, almond, grapefruit and marigold/ murray cod w turnips and bonito/ pork cheek w smoked onion and mustard/ sake cured prawn w grapefruit, beach sorrel and tomatillo/ scallop w corn, konbu, mushroom, daikon and mitsuba/

venison w preserved cherry, dried olive and fennel pollen/ glazed duck breast w roast blueberries and onion/ pressed duck w braised Treviso, daikon leaf and smoked cannellini/ duck liver pate w apple and ginger/


June 1st – August 31st

mud crab, kohlrabi, bush lemon and chicken cracker/ cobia, celeriac, caramelised turnip, coriander flower and hijiki/ salt baked celeriac, soured cream, egg yolk and mullet roe/ cobia bacon w smoked trout roe and ponzu/

mozzarella gnocchi w ilberico bouillon, endive, fennel pollen and shiso/ winter root vegetables, leek stems and parmesan/ pear raspberry granita w whey cream and quince/ sheep yoghurt sorbet w lemon butter, green apple and frozen fennel/ saffron kulfi w milk biscuit, marigolds and warm chamomile honey/

sand whiting w beach sorrel, white carrot, celeriac and dulse/ kingfish w nashi pear, cucumber and mustard/ miso charred murray cod w jerusalem artichoke paper, horseradish cream and tobiko/ pork neck w fermented red cabbage, wattle seed and preserved summer plums/  WA marron w dashi poached daikon, turmeric emulsion, coriander flowers and toasted nori/ shaved sweet potato w charcoal grilled squid, samphire, smoked cod cream and wood sorrel/

seared duck breast w chocolate boudin noir, beetroot,  endive ash and coconut yoghurt/ wagyu rump cap cooked in ash w turnips and toasted salt bush/ osso buco w  eastern rock lobster and roasted tomato lobster emulsion/  kangaroo tartare w lime, macadamia dukkha, sheep’s whey and wasabi leaf/


september 1st – november 30th

zucchini flowers w smoked mullet and ricotta/ spring radish w trout caviar/ raw radishes, celeriac cream and bottarga/ charcoal grilled scampi w scorched parsley, blood orange, lemon and shiso/

jerusalem artichoke w triple cream, onion beef consommé and thyme flowers/ asparagus and truffle/ raw, cooked and pickled vegetables with fromage blanc and bone marrow/ carrots w peas, shoots, leaves, buttermilk vinaigrette, and spinach sfoglini/ yellow peaches w almond panna cotta, fennel pollen and jasmine tea granita/ sun ripened berries w frozen goat milk bubbles, goats milk curd, anise buds and barrel aged vincotto/ seasons first strawberries w contrasting textures of vanilla and shortbread/

blue swimmer crab, almond, grapefruit and marigold/ eastern rock lobster poached w butternut squash, tatsoi and spring pea/ pressed pork belly w braised and grilled lettuces/ smoked wild cobia marbled w dried bush tomato, rocket oil, whey and macadamia milk/  ham hock w cabbage, spring peas, and smoked consommé/ cured pickled kingfish w avocado, dill, buttermilk and horseradish/

lamb saddle w roasted eggplant, sheep labneh, seasonal shoots and vinaigrette/ wagyu bavette w perilla leaf, riberry and celtuce/ smoked duck ham w parmesan custard, sun-ripened raspberries, foie grass and beetroot/ beef tri tip cooked over coals w millefeuille of potato and cardoon/

Thoughtfulness can be tasted

Well throughout dishes, simple themes and great local produce. Woven together with intention and understanding.


"The level of joy you brought to our celebration and your attentiveness in understanding was something we can’t really put into words"

Anna Coren - Newrybar


Anise has been catering events in the Byron Bay region since 2012.  From humble beginnings we have grown to become one of Byron’s most successful, innovative and respected caterers. A story that saw its beginnings in a little garage cooking for friends and family in between our real cooking jobs. The Anise name built its reputation on personalised events with creativity and professionalism, elevating the local catering scene and becoming one of the best received caterers between Yamba, Byron Bay and Noosa.

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