Creative ideas.
Experienced staff.
Incredible food.

Artisan Bespoke Catering in Byron Bay
Anise Besoke Catering Byron Bay

NAMES – Anis, Anis Vert, Aniseed, Anisi Fructus, Dohn-e-Anisoon, Graine d’Anis Vert, Phytoestrogen, Pimpinella Anisum, Shatpushpa, Sweet Cumin, Velaiti Saunf.
EMOTIONS – Calmative, Relaxation, Emotional Balance, Warming, Intrigue.
WELLBEING – The Spice of Morpheus, Digestive, Aphrodisiac, Appetite Stimulative.




Byron Bay

Crafted dishes, refined flavours, local produce.
Catering served in harmony with each new season.
Professional staff and sensational food.
The hallmarks of one of Australia’s leading catering services.

Everything begins with a smile. Taking the time to listen to our clients and their ideas is what sets us apart. Never getting bogged down in repetitive menus and “formulas”, we look to build each and every one of our clients experience unique and individual. We will go to every length to ensure only the very best service and quality of food at every event.

The very best service and quality of food at every event
The very best service and quality of food at every event

"An amazing event, the food was just spectacular"

Julie Lee, Marketing & Events Manager – Jeunesse Australia, New Zealand & FijI


Anise has been catering events in the Byron Bay region since 2012.  From humble beginnings we have grown to become one of Byron’s most successful, innovative and respected caterers. A story that saw its beginnings in a little garage cooking for friends and family in between our real cooking jobs. The Anise name built its reputation on personalised events with creativity and professionalism, elevating the local catering scene and becoming one of the best received caterers between Yamba, Byron Bay and Noosa.

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