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Anise Event Catering operates within a purpose built, state of the art kitchen, storage and client consultancy facility. The kitchen and food handling areas of the building are fully accredited and HACAP approved by local and state regulatory authorities. Anise is fully insured with public liability and has a fully accredited food safety supervisor on premise at all times.

All Anise service staff and beverage staff carry up to date RSA certificates and we reserve the right to refuse any person the service of alcohol under state responsibility. Food preparation and transport, including the on-site cooking and regeneration of food items is conducted in accordance with the NSW food authority act for catering. Strict food temperature monitoring is vigilantly carried out and precise food temperature cooking equipment is employed to safely store, cook and regenerate all food items and produce.

Our duty to our clients is to provide a service flawless in its execution with food safety and quality our paramount focus in delivery. Part of our responsibility to our clients is to guide and inform on all food safety logistics and requirements for every event.

Part of our consultancy process will require us to advise the client correct on-site guidelines for food and beverage service including the safe management of the clients and their guests.

Safety of our staff is paramount. Under no circumstances will the safety of the Anise staff be compromised with in any event structure or event site logistics. All necessary steps must be taken to ensure the safety of catering staff, beverage staff and supplier delivery.

This is a duty of care for both caterer and client to ensure that all parties are covered and secure in the knowledge that the event site is a safe one. We will take all precautions and divulge all site safety information and guidelines to the client for the smooth and problem free running of their event. This will allow the client the peace of mind and 100% security that the event is in good hands so that they can relax and enjoy every second of the day and night.