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Anise Catering Weddings and Events – Where your Corporate Event Catering is Exceptional in Brisbane

Your staff work as hard as they can to help make your business a success and rewarding them with a little something every once in a while, is just a bosses’ way of saying thank you. Corporate event catering in Brisbane is a big sales point in our industry at Anise Catering Weddings and Events, where we organise events for your company’s employees and clients, whether it’s to launch a new product or reward your staff for a good year’s work. Since starting, we have received numerous mentions in publications from a variety of marketing avenues. That, combined with the excellent reviews we have received from our clients, is what has helped us build the outstanding reputation we have today.

Why Corporate Catering is Important for your Event

Our corporate catering in Brisbane will provide a polished finish to your day. Catering is exceptionally important and a vital service to any event. It makes your guests feel a little more comfortable and at ease as it brings a more professional look to make the occasion more of a success. Not to mention the good impression it will make on everyone when they are given a taste sensation with wonderfully made dishes to satisfy all your senses. On the other hand, it is possible for you to purchase, cook and serve the food, corporate catering has the experience to handle bigger crowds, and with that comes the convenience of not having to worry about the menu or amount of food that requires preparation.

Variety is the spice of life and hiring a good caterer will ensure that you don’t have the same boring buffet food at every event and then for the best reason to hire a caterer, you will save time and money. There is relief in not having to spend too much money on food and an endless amount of time on preparations. We are simple and effective. You won’t need to worry about the clean up afterwards either because let’s face it, who has the energy to clean up after a long day?

The Functions you Desire

When you choose Anise Catering Weddings and Events, you choose sufficiency with a price tag you will love. Our corporate catering in Brisbane will redefine the way you throw a party and will have your employees and clients loving you for it. We pride ourselves on making our business as economically friendly as possible and enforce this in various ways. Starting with the leftover food which we give to farmers to use as compost or to feed their animals because we don’t want anything to go to waste. Then all our disposable ware that we make use of is sure to be 100% biodegradable and natural. We even encourage our staff to carpool, cutting down on the pollution we exude with every car.

Contact us today to ensure that we can be available for the dates of your event, or if you have any queries feel free to send us an email. We want to make your day as memorable as possible, and with your help, we can accomplish just that.