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Making enquiry with Anise Event Catering is free from obligation. We are here to serve our clients and give guidance to our services, menu’s, pricing and booking fees.

All enquiries are given an initial consultancy to clarify event details and budgets. Upon the client providing us with all the necessary information for their event Anise will provide a preliminary estimate. Part of this preliminary estimate also carries a free, no obligation site inspection and client/ caterer meeting where as we can provide any advice that may be relative to the clients preliminary estimate. Where to an initial relationship to the client can be established allowing both parties the opportunity to meet in person.

The above is part of the service Anise offers to our clients free of any type of commitment and completely with out charge.

How the consultancy process works

Most new clients are using/ booking a caterer for the first time. Bellow is a basic outline to help explain how the preliminary stages of booking and rendering the clients event works.
After preliminary enquiry, estimate and meeting if client and caterer are happy to proceed within the clients initial estimate is a booking fee and banking details.
This booking fee is to secure ANSIE EVENT CATERING for the clients event date in our event calendar. After booking fee has been received and processed and the clients booking confirmed, the client/ caterer consultancy process is then engaged, the client must fill out and complete ANISE EVENT CATERING booking form and return signed to ANISE.

Download catering booking form

Initial consultancy framework begins with basic menu, beverage and external supplier logistics discussed and made clear to both client and caterer.
After these are established a draft menu and basic staff requirements are outlined to the client along with any further needs and details essential to the event.
Schedule of booking and consultancy from this point will require of the client a 25% payment of preliminary estimate to cover all emailing, phone calls and further meetings to fine tune the clients catering.

Four weeks before scheduled event date

Final guest numbers and all other necessary information such beverage needs/ supplies, dietary requirements and external supplier information relative to event needs supplying to ANISE EVENT CATERING.
A final invoice will generated and sent to the client where upon the final balance will be due.
Any adjustments made on the clients behalf directly effecting the invoiced amount will be amended and either due immediately or refunded back to the client.
A full schedule of payment is available for viewing and printable download in our Terms & Conditions.